Corporate Social Responsibilities


    October 9, 2020

    Please be advised of our new trunk line.  

  • Read : The New Normal

    May 18, 2020

    Let us accept the fact, it will take more than a year or even longer before the world will be able to completely win over the COVID-19 virus and by that time, there will be other emerging health challenges humanity will be facing. One thing is certain, we learn our lessons and learned it well.

    The paradigm of the “new normal” give primacy on health and on the value of discipline. Let us not forget, life is fragile as it has always been. While the new normal leaves the society with no option but to set aside certain customs and traditions they carried generations by generations, it will bring back and bind families again. Also, the fundamentals of cooperation and unity will be an integral part of the community as the people ascend to the new lifestyle. The new normal is indeed a big leap from the people’s comfort zone, but it must be done for the good of humanity.

  • First Dr. Rebecca Parrish Scientific Conference

    March 9, 2020 First Dr. Rebecca Parrish Scientific Conference "Healing Together Through Interprofessional Education and Collaboration" Thank you everyone for coming, Sa mga bigating speakers who accepted our invitation, sa lahat ng members ng RPINs (Rebecca Parrish International Nursing Society -Mam Gina Butawan Diaz, Sir Elmer DaSea Kings, Mam Nenette Butawan Alonzo, Mam Vicki, Mam Jessica, Mam Marge Almarez Jacala at Mam Phoebe) na umuwi pa ng Piliinas for this event at ishare ang lahat ng expertise nila with us. Sobrang nakaka overwhelm po lahat ng learnings namin sa araw na ito.   Participants of 1st. Dr. Rebecca Parrish Scientific Conference Theme : " Healing together Through inter professional Education and Collaboration" Photo: Mary Johnston
  • Through Training In The Philippines, Africans Enhance C-Section Skills

    April 29, 2019 Thanks to counsel and training by skilled medical professionals at United Methodist-related Mary Johnston Hospital in Manila, Philippines, eight doctors and five nurses from Africa are now better equipped to handle emergency maternity cases in their home countries.Traveling from United Methodist missionary hospitals in Liberia, Nigeria, Sierra Leone and Zimbabwe, the 13 participants were immersed in rigorous medical training to deepen their knowledge of performing C-sections in their facilities. Read Story and Watch video. 

    One participant in the March 25-30 event was Dr. Fidel Agyei Asante, a