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May 4, 2020

The occurrence of COVID-19 caught the whole country unprepared, bringing the whole population to grave danger due to its aggressive transmission. Hospital institutions face overwhelming challenges during a health crisis that needs three kinds of leadership.

Purposive leadership ensures both the safety and security of its workers and the unhampered delivery of health services, to those needing it the most. Growing situational uncertainties increase its worker’s weariness and fears, both for their family and themselves. This may lead them to hard choices – between safety and the need to continue work.

Vital leadership manages these different fronts so as to instill a committed-partner-worker- force that will bring better health outcomes. Staff appreciation and the empathic assertiveness of the organizational leadership to mitigate risk are essential.

Committed leadership enhances institutional development and retention by providing worker growth, absent of which spells instability. Fortunately, the MJH Team Response has identified strategic steps to allay these uncertainties, instill commitment and mitigate risk. With grace under pressure, support and a positive atmosphere and spirit drawn from health partners, its staff has resolved to continue the worthwhile struggle.


· Team Cristobal,
· Ms. Jerica Morales (MJH Employee)
· Ms. Jannet Pastor
· John T. Go Hoc,

· Drake Marketing
· Honorable Senator Pia Cayetano
· Universal Robina
· Biñan City Mayor Arman Dimaguila
· Brgy. China Shenzen,
· One Atomik Marketing Solutions,
· Project Agapito
· Lasallemoms
· Mr. Paulo Pagteilan
· Mr. Tirso Ajesta

Donated by : John T. Go Hoc and Drake Marketing

Donated by : Team Cristobal, Ms. Jannet Pastor, and Ms. Jerica Morales (MJH Employee)

Donated by : Honorable Senator Pia Cayetano

Donated by : Biñan City Mayor Arman Dimaguila

Donated by : One Atomik Marketing Solutions, Project Agapito and Brgy. China Shenzen

Donated by : Mr. Paulo Pagteilan , Mr. Tirso Ajesta and Lasallemoms

Donated by : Universal Robina

The MJH management, its 200 front liners, and the Board of Trustees are deeply thankful for all the BLESSINGS such as Food, Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs), other health essential supplies, and support you have extended to the hospital.

From March 16 to April 22, 2020, MJH Emergency Room was able to examine a total of 731 patients considered as PUI. Of these, 431 patients were classified as SUSPECT or patients that have signs and symptoms but were not yet tested for COVID-19, and 280 patients were classified as PROBABLE or those who exhibit signs and symptoms and was tested for Covid-19. Twenty (20) patients were tested positive or classified CONFIRMED (laboratory-confirmed case of COVID-19).

Nothing is impossible with God. MJH takes on the whole of society approach, where partnerships for health are seen as necessary for restitution and restoration.  In God’s grace, we will heal as one.