Corporate Social Responsibility

Read : The New Normal

May 18, 2020

Let us accept the fact, it will take more than a year or even longer before the world will be able to completely win over the COVID-19 virus and by that time, there will be other emerging health challenges humanity will be facing. One thing is certain, we learn our lessons and learned it well.

The paradigm of the “new normal” give primacy on health and on the value of discipline. Let us not forget, life is fragile as it has always been. While the new normal leaves the society with no option but to set aside certain customs and traditions they carried generations by generations, it will bring back and bind families again. Also, the fundamentals of cooperation and unity will be an integral part of the community as the people ascend to the new lifestyle. The new normal is indeed a big leap from the people’s comfort zone, but it must be done for the good of humanity.

Health care institutions will also align the delivery of health services based on the new normal. Hospital protocols and operations will conform to the new standards for the safety of doctors, patients, and all others involved in the care of the patients. There will be more health partnerships, seeing this approach to be more responsive in achieving results. According to Dr. Glenn Roy V. Paraso, MJH Executive Director and CEO, partnerships for health are necessary for restitution and restoration because it is built to uphold efforts and grow opportunities for learning. The country’s fight against COVID-19 is currently being carried with a growing number of health partners across health facilities, public and private. MARAMING SALAMAT PO. MJH finds its strength to continue fighting with our health partner’s support.

Donated by : Dr. Ciony Turgano, Dr. Richard Trinidad, Dr. Melanie Llagas, Ms. Darah Marquez, Ms. Deah and Desha San Juan

Donated by : Dr. Alex Tan, Dr. Nathan Yague, and Dr. Marilet Nava

Donated by : Ms. Lani Arevalo, Ms. Arleen Tayco, Librada and Leandro Gontok of Sassy’s Collection

Donated by : MJH ER Nurses Fellows, National Council on Young People and Artist and Musicians Against COVID-19

Donated by : St Scholastic College HS Batch 81, Holy Child Catholic School, UST College of Nursing

Capt. Arnold Labadan and Carlito Gesalan, Ms. Jennah Formoso of Team OMG, and Ms. Jennifer Gan

Donated by : MJH Truepang Bullies

Donated by: Pocari Sweat, Rev Nugget Aquino, and Pharma Galenx

Donated by : Tony Boy Floirendo and Cathy Binag, Ms, Krishna Delfin, and Kapwa Theory

Dr. Jan Dorado, Dr. Cesar Paloma, and Dr. Gideon Acabo

From March 16 to May 7, 2020, the MJH Emergency Room was able to examine a total of 791 patients for possible coronavirus infection and 515 of these patients were classified as SUSPECT or patients that have signs and symptoms BUT WAS NOT TESTED for COVID-19. Also, 276 patients were classified as PROBABLE or those who exhibit signs and symptoms AND WAS TESTED FOR COVID-19, and 38 patients were classified as a CONFIRMED or laboratory-confirmed case of COVID-19. On May 7, 2020, the Department of Health announced the Philippines’ total number of coronavirus cases of 10,343 with total death of 685 and total recoveries of 1,618.

On behalf of MJH management, its 200 brave front liners, and the Board of Trustees, please accept our deepest appreciation for all the DONATIONS such as food, Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs), and other health essential supplies we continue to receive.

In God’s grace, we will heal as one.