• TB-DOTS DOH Program

    Discounted Laboratory and Radiologic Examination, Free Counseling and Medication. Note: For more information kindly contact our coordinator, Mr. Noel Vengco at 245-40-21 local 214.

  • Diagnostic Ultrasound

    Available Procedures: Whole abdomen Ultrasound, 2Decho with color doppler (adult), 2Decho plain (adult), Kidney-Urinary-Bladder Ultrasound, Prostate, Hepato-biliary Tree Ultrasound, Upper abdomen Ultrasound, Breast Ultrasound, Hemi-thorax Ultrasound, Chest Ultrasound, Thyroid Ultrasound, Arterial and Venous duplex Scan, Scrotal/inguinal Ultrasound, Ultrasound guided Thoracentesis, Ultrasound guided Paracentesis, Liver-Gallbladder-Pancreas. For more inquiry please contact 245-4021 local 262.

  • Newborn Screening and Hearing Test

    Regular Newborn Screening (To identify 6 metabolite disorders), Expanded Newborn Screening (To identify 28 metabolite disorders)Hearing Test (Auditory Brainstem Response Screening). For more inquiry you may contact: 245-4021 Local 315 

  • Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

    Manual Therapy, Balance and coordination Exercises, Therapeutic modalities, Traction machine, Anti-vertigo Exercises, Neuromuscular rehabilitation. For more inquiry please contact 245-4021 local 333

    Consultation Schedule: Monday 1 PM and Wednesday 12 NN

  • CT Scan

    Available Procedures: Cranial, neck, upper abdomen, lower abdomen, whole abdomen, stonogram (kidney, urinary bladder, ureters), temporal mastoid, pelvic, thoracic spine, cervical spine, lumbar spine, extremities, paranasal sinuses, chest and thorax, sella-turcica, internal auditory canal. For more inquiry please contact: 245-4021 local 359.

  • Pharmacy

    In and Out Patient Pharmacy: Offering Senior Citizen and PWD discounts, medication counselling. For more inquiry please contact 245-4021 local 222.

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